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Tires and Casings

tires Welcome... You need good quality casings for your retreading operations. Since 1982, we have been supplying casings on which retreaders can rely. We ship only the finest quality Japanese brands to five continents world wide. In today's global economy, good quality used tires are in high demand but in an increasingly shorter supply. You have come to the right place.

About Tires & Casings

Combined Distributors, Inc began supplying tire casings to a retreader in 1982. We are proud to say that that original retreader is still a customer of ours today.

We supply truck, light truck, passenger, and aircraft sizes.

We ship casings and used tires only in container loads from Japan directly to your door.

Our customers are on five continents worldwide.

Our simple rule of common sense is that in order to earn your business, our shipments must be regular and reliable, our casings and used tires must be as stated.

We repeat "We must earn your business."

"Your customers need good tires to drive safely. They are the only contact with the road and affect the steering, braking and acceleration of the vehicle."

General Tire Safety Tips

Once a month, inspect your tires for patterns of uneven wear which could damage the tires.

Once a month, and before every long trip, check tire inflation pressure. Look at the tire placard or owner’s manual to see the maximum weight your vehicle can carry - DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR VEHICLE.

Develop good driving habits such as observing speed limits; avoiding fast stops, starts, and turns; avoiding potholes and objects; and avoiding contact with curbs when driving or parking.

Keep your vehicle well maintained. Rotate the tires regularly, get your wheels balanced, and have the front-end aligned when necessary.

tire tips Check the vehicle manufacturer's recommendation before replacing a tire with a different size and/or construction.

Be aware that when the outside temperature drops 10 degrees, the pressure in your tires drops about one or two pounds per square inch. If you find that one of your tires is losing pressure, take it to an expert for a complete internal inspection. If a puncture is one-quarter inch or less and confined to the tread, it can be safely repaired.

source credit :pueblo.gsa.gov/cfocus/cfoct2000/focus.htm

One of the most important safety features any vehicle can have is a good set of tires.

Tires play a vital role in vehicle performance, handling and safety. Your tires carry the full weight of your vehicle, while at the same time providing all of the grip for acceleration, steering and braking.

The importance of good tires is often overlooked or taken for granted. Tire faults are noted in half of all fatal crashes where vehicle defects are a contributing factor.

Good tires will hold your vehicle securely on the road, allowing it to stop, start and maneuver safely. Worn out, incorrectly inflated or unsuitable tires may not.

Your tires must be in good condition, properly maintained and appropriate for your vehicle.

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